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Sparta War Of Empires

In Sparta: War of Empires unternimmst du eine Reise ins antike Griechenland. Kämpfe gegen die übermächtige persische Armee und rette. Sparta: War of Empires ist ein Freemium-MMO Strategie-Videospiel, des Spieleentwicklers Plarium für Webbrowser. Das Spiel wurde im März ins Leben gerufen. Die Wächter in Sparta: War of Empires sind mächtige Spezialeinheiten, die direkten Einfluss auf deine Städte und Armeen haben.

Sparta - War of Empires: Alles, was du über die Wächter wissen solltest

Sparta: War of Empires ist ein strategisches MMO-Videospiel, in dem Spieler vor der Aufgabe stehen, ihre eigene Stadt zu erbauen, Truppen auszubilden und in. Sparta: War of Empires - Wenn eine feindliche Übermacht vor der Tür steht und Tribut fordert, heißt's, keine Zeit verlieren und zu den Waffen greifen! Sparta: War of Empires ist ein Freemium-MMO Strategie-Videospiel, des Spieleentwicklers Plarium für Webbrowser. Das Spiel wurde im März ins Leben gerufen.

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Sparta War Of Empires
Sparta War Of Empires

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Sparta ist in Gefahr!

The keys. In each arsenal you will find only one piece of equipment, and you can open the arsenal only with the help of special keys. Get them as rewards for valiant battles or buy them in the Market.

The key must match the type and rarity of the arsenal. For example, if you want to open a rare arsenal of the second order, then you need a rare key of the second order.

Destruction of equipment. By breaking unnecessary items of equipment, you can get the Shards that are necessary to improve the equipment.

The higher the equipment level, the more Shards can be obtained upon destruction. To break an item of equipment, select it and click "Break".

It can take some time. The number of Shards is displayed above the main repository. Improvement of equipment. If you have enough Shards, select an item of equipment and click "Improve".

Wait for the action to expire. After clicking the "Break" button, the destruction process begins, so it is no longer possible to cancel it and return the equipment.

Improvement of equipment will also begin immediately, so it is impossible to cancel the started improvement and return the Shards.

The Amphitheater window has three tabs: Philarch, Battles and Skills. Skills of the Philharch. To learn and improve skills, you need the Philharmonic Points.

This resource will be enough to learn the 1st and 2nd skills of the "Extra Slot", but to learn the 3rd skill of this type you will need the Signs and Points of the Philarch.

You can study the 4th and 5th only with Coins. Types of skills. Skills come in two types: basic and mythical. Basic skills can be activated for free, and the signs of Athena, Helios and Hades are required to activate mythical skills.

Bonuses of mythical skills are more significant than basic bonuses. Initially, only one skill can be activated.

To increase the number of skills that can be activated at the same time, you need to study the skills of the "Additional slot".

There are five such skills; learning each one opens a new slot in the Philarch tab. Philharmus Points and Signs. To replenish the supply of Philharmonic Points, fight opponents in the Amphitheater.

The number of Points can be viewed in the Philarch tab of the same building. To get more Points in battles, study and improve the Philharmonic Points skill.

The skill bonus will not affect an opponent who was already in the "Battles" tab at the time the skill was applied, but will affect the next opponent who appears there.

The signs of Athena, Helios and Hades are necessary for activating the mythical skills of Philarch. They can be earned in Tournaments. How to fight with opponents?

The health bar will show how much damage you have done. If the attack was unsuccessful, you will see the message "Miss! The energy bar at the bottom of the screen shows how many times Philarch can attack his opponent.

Energy is consumed regardless of whether the attack was successful. When energy ends, Philarch can no longer fight.

You can wait until the energy recovers over time, or instantly restore it at Coins. The number of opponents with whom you can fight in a day is limited.

If you reach the limit of battles, you will see a message with a timer that counts the time until a new enemy appears. The prophecies. Prophecies are a special type of daily quest in which you are guaranteed to receive a reward.

They are optional and do not require resources or troops. You will regularly receive the tasks of Cassandra, who has the ability to predict the future and suggests profitable moves for exaltation among other warriors of Hellas.

Click on the "Prophecies" icon, select the task you want to complete, and click "Start. At the end of the specified time period, the task will end automatically.

To receive a reward, click on "Collect reward". You can also speed up tasks by clicking on the appropriate button.

There are 2 options for acceleration - for Coins or using the Accelerator. The activated status of an Elite of the 7th level allows you to instantly fulfill personal prophecies, 8th level and above - prophecies for alliances.

In such cases, you can only pick up the rewards. Types of tasks. In each of the categories, tasks are divided into five types, depending on complexity:.

Tasks vary in rarity and lead time. The higher the complexity of the task, the less often it occurs and the higher the reward will be upon completion.

On the Market you can buy the item "List of Prophecies", which allows you to update the list of personal prophecies, prophecies for alliances or the Elite.

You can apply no more than 10 such items per day. Chronos quests. Chronos quests are special missions in the Abode of Kassandra.

Available to players from level To see them, click on the image of Cassandra on the left side of the screen. Chronos quests can be daily, weekly, or monthly.

Having completed all tasks of the same type, you will receive an additional bonus! Alliance quest rewards kits.

Assignments for the Alliance are an important part of the game, the purpose of which is to reward players for teamwork. Received Kits are stored on the Market, in the Miscellaneous tab - Special offers and can be opened within 72 hours from the moment they are received.

After this period, the Kits will be unavailable for opening and can only be deleted. Make sure you open the reward kit before the deadline in order to get the most out of it.

Unlike tournaments and personal tasks, sets with rewards are issued not at the end of the task, but at the moment when the Alliance scores the required number of points to obtain a set of a certain type.

This means that you can receive and open reward kits before the end of the mission for the Alliance. Often players are confused by the fact that after completing a task for an alliance, a player sees in the task window a list of received sets, even if these sets have already been opened.

For participating in tournaments and completing personal tasks, the player can receive generous rewards, provided that the necessary conditions are met.

Tournaments are divided into two types: personal and tournaments for Alliances. To participate in the last tournament, the player must be a member of the Alliance.

All tournaments and tasks last for a certain period of time and awards are given after they end in accordance with the number of points earned.

To receive the awards, the following conditions must be met:. The rewards that a player can receive for Tournaments and Challenges can be divided into three categories:.

Develop special policies and improve your troops special items. Among such items:. Unnecessary items can be exchanged for resources.

Go to the Market, click the green icon next to the item and select the amount you want to exchange. Improve the capacity of Warehouses and Barns so as not to lose the resources received.

Reward for visiting. The reward for the next day is automatically added to your balance when you enter the game. By opening the application, you immediately see the balance with the added coins, and in the Acropolis you see the number of troops with the units already added.

Bonus items are also automatically added to the Market. Tournament rewards and personal assignments. For participating in the Tournaments and completing personal tasks, the player can receive generous rewards, provided that the necessary conditions are met.

Items that the player receives as a reward go to the Market for example, resources are stored in the Market, in the Resources tab.

Bonus activator of Elite status for reaching a new level. If the Elite Status is active at the moment when you reach its new level, then you will receive an activator in the form of an item that is added to the Market.

Additional carrying capacity of caravans. After making all 10 purchases, the item will no longer be displayed on the Market. Policy Protection.

The subject of "Protection of the policy" will be canceled if the player protected by him sends a robbery or siege to any policy.

With this he will receive a warning. Alliance Quest reward kits. A player can earn up to four Sets during one Mission for the Alliance, namely:.

Often, players are confused by the fact that after completing a task for the Alliance, a player sees in the task window a list of received Sets, even if these Sets have already been opened.

If you were not able to find the reward kits in your Market after completing the task for the Alliance, then you have already opened them earlier.

I can not find the drawings after the purchase. If after purchasing a special offer with Drawings these resources have not been added to your account, do not rush to despair.

To add Drawings, go to Market, Resources tab, Drawings sub-tab. There is a pop-up notification in the game informing that the previous item will be interrupted after applying such items.

It always appears when players try to activate a second item. Screenshot of the warning message from the game:.

In the Caches, you can get 3 main resources wood, bronze, grain , Denarii and coins. The size of the Caches available to you depends on your level in the game.

The higher Thebes agreement level, the faster your troops will accumulate resources in the Cache. The carrying capacity of troops increases with the active status of the Elite.

The amount of resources that you can collect in the Stash depends on the carrying capacity of your defensive troops sent to the Stash defense.

Improving the carrying capacity of troops will affect the collection of resources after the capture of new Caches, but it will not affect the amount of resources transferred from those already captured at the time of improvement.

New Caches appear on the map free. Any warrior can find out the amount of resources by hovering over the selected Cache or by viewing the "Caches" tab in the Oracle building.

The cache disappears from the map if the resources in it are completely exhausted or no one has captured it within 24 hours. Interaction with Caches.

You can get information about the Cache in the Oracle building or on the map in the pop-up menu. To do this, hover over the selected object. If you already have a captured Cache, you will find information about it in the Military Council.

You can view:. Capture To find the Caches, build the Oracle building. Initially, you can capture no more than three Caches.

To capture the Cache, find it on the map or using the Oracle, select the number and type of troops and click on "Capture".

Immediately after the capture, the defensive forces will begin to accumulate resources. The amount of accumulated resources will depend on the carrying capacity of your defensive forces and their quantity.

To maintain control of the Cache, keep a powerful defensive army in it. Be careful when choosing a Cache: you cannot capture the one that a member of your alliance has already captured.

If the enemy army captured the Cache, smashing your troops, the surviving part of your army will return to the city without resources.

If you defended the captured Cache from attack and the carrying capacity of the surviving troops is less than or equal to the accumulated resources, then your troops will return with resources to the polis.

Intelligence service. To scout Caches, build Stables. Find the appropriate Cache on the map or in the Oracle building, select the "Scout" action and the number of troops that you want to send to the mission.

Successful reconnaissance will detect all enemy troops. To protect your Cache from intelligence, keep a large number of scouts in it.

Any warrior can attack or seize Caches controlled by other archons. Attacking the Cache, you do not get access to its resources, but you earn experience and points for ratings.

Go into the Oracle building or find a suitable cache on the map, click "Attack" and select the number of troops. The Battle of the Stash will begin when your troops reach the goal.

You can monitor reinforcements, send and return them from the "Caches" tab in the Military Council. If you want to withdraw any troops that have already accumulated resources, you must withdraw the entire army at once.

If you want to return only part of the troops, you can withdraw those that have not yet begun to collect resources.

For example, in your Cache there are warriors, of which 70 have collected the maximum possible amount of resources. Separately, you can recall only 30 of the soldiers.

If you want to recall more than 30, you will have to return all Where are my troops sent to Stash? Attack troops sent to capture the Caches, as well as defense troops that return from them with resources, are automatically sent to the Acropolis upon arrival at the polis of the owner.

Why did this happen and where are my troops? Your troops have returned to the Acropolis. This could happen for one of the following reasons:.

In all of the above situations, the troops do not go back to your policy, but immediately go to your Acropolis.

The Pantheon Reprisal is a unique competition during which the Alliances will be able to expand the boundaries of influence by capturing the enemy Pantheons.

The more enemy troops you destroy, the higher your Alliance will rise in the ranking! During the Capture the Flag Tournament, you will fight for the flags!

Each Alliance participating in the Tournament has one flag at its disposal. Hold your flag and collect as many enemy flags as possible to get Points.

If the Alliance retains its flag before the end of the Tournament, it will receive bonus points for the total number, as well as a reinforcement that will improve troop performance, production of resources and help to earn more points of influence and experience.

There are 5 types of flags with serial numbers IV, each of which corresponds to a specific league. The stronger the league, the higher the flag number and the more points you can get for capturing this flag.

To capture the flag, you must successfully attack the capital of the enemy Alliance. If at that time the flag of your Alliance is there, you will return it to your Capital.

Successfully attacking the capital of the enemy, you will receive as a reward half of the flags that were there during the attack.

Be careful, because this way you can get the flags of the allies at your disposal, but they can be returned to their original owners. If the Alliance does not take a place in the top 10, but retains the flag in the Capital until the end of the Tournament, it will receive 1 gain.

When attacking the Capital, which is part of the league more than two levels below, you will not be able to capture the flag of this Alliance, but only lower the level of the Capital.

If the flag of your Alliance is in this Capital, then with a successful attack you will return it. You can capture Alliance flags from your league, one or two levels below or higher levels.

Participation and interaction. Alliances that take the first 10 places in the ranking of each league will be able to apply effects that positively or negatively affect all members of the Alliance who have passed the trial period.

Effects enhance or weaken such characteristics:. Reinforcements can only be applied to your Alliance.

Weakenings apply to any Alliance in your league. Three prize-winning Alliances will have fewer weaknesses to apply.

In order to apply reinforcements or weakenings, you must have the rights to manage the diplomatic relations of the Alliance.

Effects are valid for 7 days after the end of the Tournament. For example, if the enhancement is applied on the 2nd day after the completion of the Tournament, then the action will last 5 days.

For any Alliance without active protection against weaknesses, you can apply no more than 10 effects 5 powerups and 5 weaknesses.

No more than three power-ups and two power-downs of the same type can be applied to one Alliance.

Tournaments are special missions in which you personally or together with other soldiers of your Alliance will have to carry out various orders of Leonid.

Participation in them is not necessary, but the results of each Tournament can change the course of the war, as well as bring unique rewards.

By participating in the Tournament, you will earn Points. The size of the reward that you will receive after the end of the Tournament will depend on the number of points earned.

A separate award is given to soldiers who will occupy the top places in the ranking. According to the level in the game, all archons are divided into leagues: Beginners, Challengers, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum.

Each league has a separate rating. This will allow even not the most experienced fighters to take leading positions in the ranking of the corresponding league.

Division by league occurs before the start of the Tournament, therefore, even if you increased your level during the Tournament, your result will still be taken into account in the ranking of the league in which you started the mission.

Glory is a special resource that can be obtained for participating in tournaments or in the Treasury, inviting friends to the game. The glory of a warrior reflects the level of trust in him of other policies and states.

Glory cannot be bought for game resources or Coins, exchanged or gifted. Having accumulated enough Glory, you can buy at the Market the terms of agreements for training completely new types of troops that were previously inaccessible to you.

New gaming opportunities that can be acquired for Glory will appear on the Market, so it is always better to have a stock of this resource.

Tournament "Destruction of troops. The number of points earned depends on the number and performance of the troops destroyed.

The more Points you score, the higher the reward! Tournament "War on the Goals". Fight on Goals and get special Points for it. I am from Greece. There are too much stuffs about Spartans on the game and I am pleased with that.

There are also Persian attacks on the game. There is nothing about Spartans. Actually the game is looking like Ancient Greek times more than Sparta.

I love it. The items get more expensive day by day because my currency lost the value against American Dollar and Euro.

I think I will need to quit this game. I love it though. I prefer to play Vikings because the game is more reasonable than Spartan.

That was really disappointment. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

Sparta: War of Empires. Phantasy Star Online 2. Final Fantasy XIV. Black Desert Online. Guild Wars 2. Weekly displays those who took the highest position last week.

The current rating shows the current rating of the players. There are several types of ratings:. By clicking the "Show Me" button in the lower left part of the window, you will see your position in the ranking.

By checking the box next to "Among friends", you will see your position in the ranking among all your friends who fight in Greece.

Rating leaders get Coins as a reward! Experience and levels. Players gain experience when they destroy enemy troops, sign agreements, build and improve buildings, complete game tasks, and send troops to the Goals.

The amount of experience determines the level of the player. Level is necessary not only as an indicator of your progress. Some gaming features also depend on the level of the player.

To move around the map, use the arrows on the keyboard or drag the space with the mouse. You will see policies with the names of owners and their level.

If you are far from your policy, your avatar will appear on the map, which will indicate the direction and distance to the house. The Feats button is located at the top of the screen.

The Feats window shows all the rewards you have received during the game. Awards are given for the construction and improvement of buildings, the collection of resources at the walls of the polis, participation in battles, the extraction of resources and other achievements.

Use the tips next to each type of reward to understand how to get them. For each Feat you will receive Coins.

How to interact with other players? Communication and battles with other players is the most important and interesting part of the game. To start interaction, use one of the following methods.

In the menu that appears, you can select the desired action - robbery, capture, sending reinforcements, resources, etc. If you are in your policy, you can use the friends panel below.

But remember that only those players with whom you are friends on a social network are displayed there in the game world, they can be enemies and allies.

To interact with other players, you can also use notes in the Military Council, Port or Embassy. You will receive detailed reports on the results of all your actions.

Reports can be sorted by topic. To conduct reconnaissance, sign an agreement with Delphi and buy the Scouts in the Stables. Now you can send your Scouts into raids on enemy policies.

Troops hidden in the Acropolis are not displayed in the intelligence report, even if it was successful.

In the report you will see only the troops in the policy, and the troops of the player himself, and reinforcements from other players.

To send intelligence, use the policy menu on the map of Greece , the "Actions" menu inside the policy of another player , the "Contacts" tab in the Military Council, or the friends panel at the bottom of the game window.

The size of the loot is determined by the carrying capacity of your troops and the amount of resources the enemy has.

After the robbery, the surviving troops immediately return to your policy. You can rob anyone, except for players who are protected by a beginner, your allies and members of your alliance.

You have 10 robbery attempts per day. If you run out of limits, you can continue to send units, but they will not bring resources.

New attempts are added every 2. You can see the number of available robberies in the Military Council on the "Contacts" tab or on the map when you hover over a foreign policy.

The resources that are hidden in the Acropolis will not go to the robber. Maximum for one robbery, you can take out 50, resources. To send a detachment for robbery, use the policy menu on the map of Greece , the Actions menu inside the policy of another player , the Contacts tab in the Military Council or the friends panel at the bottom of the game window.

Capture Capture gives you rating points and allows you to collect resources from captured policies. The more policies you capture, the higher your ranking.

You can only collect resources from a limited number of policies under your control. Send a detachment of attacking troops to capture the policy.

If the capture is successful, you will receive an appropriate report, and the policy information will appear in the Military Council on the "Garrisons" tab.

After a successful capture, the extraction of a resource will automatically begin - a tree or bronze. Go to the "Property" tab in the Military Council and see which of the resources you will receive.

Wait until the resource has accumulated enough to collect, and deliver it to your policy. You can change the extracted resource at any time, simply by clicking on its icon.

But keep in mind that a new resource will begin to accumulate from scratch. The more active the player you capture, the more resource you will receive.

If the player is an infrequent guest in the game, then your benefit will be small. To send a squad for capture, use the policy menu on the map of Greece , the "Actions" menu inside the policy of another player , the "Contacts" tab in the Military Council, or the friends panel at the bottom of the game window.

Send reinforcements to your friends and get help from them in order to more effectively defend against enemies.

Reinforcements that other players have sent you can be viewed on the Policy tab of the Military Council. Grain reinforcements are supplied by the policy of their owner.

If you sent troops to a friend, keep these troops anyway. Exchange of resources and terms of agreements. Share resources and terms of agreements to quickly develop your policy.

Build a Port to trade. To carry out the exchange, use the tab "Exchange of resources" and "Exchange of conditions" in the Port.

There you can accept offers from other players or create your own using the "Create Offer" button. Resources and terms of agreements can be given, but there are limits on the number of such gifts.

To send a resource or condition as a gift, use the policy menu on the map of Greece , the Actions menu inside the policy of another player , the Contacts tab in the Military Council or the friends panel at the bottom of the game window.

The amount of resources that can be obtained from each policy per week is limited. It is 50, resources. After 7 days from the moment of the attack, the policy can be robbed again.

It is important to remember that the base number of robbery attempts is also limited, and is 10 attempts.

Robbery attempts are restored every 2. The outcome of each battle is determined by the strength of the army of the parties, the quantity in it. In addition to the number of troops, the strength of the army also depends on many factors:.

When native walls help. Experienced advocates know that in addition to bonuses from items, they have a huge advantage in protecting their policies.

The bastions. Get to know your opponent. Each Bastion gives an additional bonus to the defense of all the troops of the garrison. The higher the level of the Bastion, the greater the bonus.

Attacking the Fifth Bastion is unlikely to be an easy walk, unless you have previously completed a successful reconnaissance. The capital of the Alliance and its bonuses.

Many Alliances are betting on improving the Disciplines of their Capital. This provides them with a significant advantage in the form of bonuses to the attacking and defensive characteristics of the troops.

The Discipline Bonus depends on the level of the Alliance Capital. The higher the level of the capital of your rivals, the higher the chance to encounter a strong army, which, in addition to the usual bonuses, is further strengthened by Disciplines.

Losses of the opponent in the combat report. If you lose, in the report you can see only those troops of the opponent that you managed to destroy.

All troops of the opponent in this case will not be visible. Bonus to protect the policy and its impact on the morale of the army. The balance of power on the battlefield.

The result of the battle also depends on the composition of troops on both sides. If Player 1 sends Horse Agem to the attack, and Player 2 is defended mainly by Horse Skirmishers, who are strong against the cavalry troops, then the losses of Player 1 will be significantly higher.

What are protective buildings for? Protective buildings increase the protection of your policy. Buildings of this type include Walls, Gates and Towers.

There is a limit on the number of protective buildings in the policy. In total, you can build up to 20 Towers. What are decorative buildings for?

Decorative buildings not only decorate your policy, but also enhance protection indicators. The more of them, the more effectively your troops will defend themselves.

A mechanic is repairing the towers in your policy. He can be immediately hired and not involved in battles. If your policy has been attacked after purchasing a Mechanic, it will rebuild your Towers as soon as you return to the game.

If you were in the game when the attack occurred, Tower repair will begin without your team. The number of Mechanics in the policy is limited.

Each of them increases the average recovery speed of the Towers, so the maximum recovery time can be significantly reduced. In addition, the Mechanic restores the ruined Altar of Hermes.

You can hire a mechanic by going to the "Construction" menu and opening the "Decorative" tab. What are military buildings for?

Military buildings are necessary for training troops. To train new types of troops, sign agreements with major policies.

These buildings cannot be improved, but you can improve the performance of your troops. In all military buildings there is a line of construction: your orders for training troops get there.

You can speed up learning with Coins. From all military buildings you can quickly go to the Market or to the building of the Military Council.

The hospital is a special building in which you can recover your troops lost during the defense of the policy for free or at Coins.

With each next level of the Hospital, the number of troops that can be restored for free increases. The Hospital building has two tabs:.

Light infantry attacking and defensive units are based in the Camp: Swordsmen, Throwers, Archers and Hoplites. To hire light infantry fighters, sign agreements with Rhodes, Akanf, Ithaca, and Athens.

Exhausting trainings of Tureophors, Sarissophors, soldiers of the Trojan phalanx and the Spartan elite take place in the Barracks.

Hall of Fame. In the Hall of Fame, you can recruit friends in your troops - each friend will add one Hero to your army.

These are universal soldiers who attack, defend and take out a lot of resources equally effectively when robbing. To make a friend a Hero, enter the Hall of Fame and click the button below the photo of a friend, or use the bottom panel.

In the Hall of Fame, you can invite a friend to the game. The maximum squad of Heroes is 50 fighters. You can call up three Heroes per day.

To summon more Heroes, buy Altars Build menu, Decorative tab. What are command buildings for? Team buildings are responsible for managing your policy.

They are needed to fight, sign agreements, improve soldiers, trade and enter into alliances. Some buildings are already built when you start the game.

Other command buildings can be built in the corresponding tab in the "Construction" menu. Agora is one of the main command buildings.

You can upgrade it to level 20, and with each level of improvement, new buildings will be built and improved faster. After that, in addition to the usual resources, drawings will be needed to improve the building.

Council of Elders. The Council of Elders accepts new terms of agreements. The higher the level of the Council of Elders, the faster agreements are signed and improved.

The maximum level of the Council of Elders is the 20th. In this building, you can see what terms of agreements you already have, then sell them for resources or create an exchange offer in Porto.

Council of War. In the building of the Military Council, you can manage all military operations and contacts with other players.

When adding to notes, you can specify a comment - it will be visible only to you. All trading operations take place in the Port. To build the Port, sign an agreement with the Chalkis policy.

The higher the level of this building, the more shopping caravans are available to you the maximum level is 20th. To exchange resources: go to Port on the "Resource exchange" tab, click "Create offer", select how many resources you offer and how much you want to receive in return, and confirm your choice.

To exchange the terms of agreements: go to the Port on the tab "Exchange terms", click "Create offer", select which condition of the agreement you offer and what you want to receive in return, then confirm your choice.

The lighthouse indicates the right path for your caravans and allows you to increase their speed. The higher the level of the Lighthouse, the faster the caravans move around the map.

To improve the building to the maximum level, in addition to the usual resources, Drawings are needed. To build a lighthouse, sign an agreement with the Alexandria policy.

The harbor helps load caravans more efficiently and carry more cargo. The higher the level of the Harbor, the higher the carrying capacity of caravans.

To build a Harbor, sign an agreement with Samos. The main building of diplomatic activity. By building the Embassy, you can enter into alliances and participate in the life of alliances.

Invite your friends to become allies or agree to their offers. Any union may be terminated. The higher the level of the Embassy, the more unions can be concluded.

Trade caravans between allies move much faster. Alliance management also takes place at the Embassy. You can view information about existing Alliances or create your own.

The Pantheons tab displays information about the Pantheons of your Alliance. To interact with the Pantheons, you need to create your own Alliance or join an existing one.

The embassy can be upgraded to level 5. The maximum number of ambassadors is six. The exchange of ambassadors allows you to receive information about the military activities of an ally, as well as quickly and effectively help each other.

You can accept offers of exchange of ambassadors and offer this exchange to others. To build an Embassy:.

On the Goals tab, you will see Goals located next to your policy for defense or attack. Here you will find information about them: level, distance to the policy, coordinates.

On the Caches tab, you will find Caches available to you. Grab them to collect resources from them. To capture, you must simultaneously send both defensive and attacking troops.

Before capturing, you can scout a cache belonging to another warrior. You can also attack Caches captured by other warriors. Upgrade the Oracle to higher levels and get special bonuses!

At the 21st level, there is a bonus to the speed of collecting resources from Caches, and at the 22nd level, a bonus to protecting the policy.

After signing the relevant agreements, you can build the Magistrate. This building will allow the exchange of wood and bronze for Denarius - silver coins for which they hire soldiers of Rome.

In addition, you can:. Temple of Asclepius. You need to build the Temple of Asclepius in order to be able to store and use the Potions.

All Potions you receive are placed in the Temple vault, where they can be infinitely long. Hover over the Potion for information about it.

For the Potion to take effect, click on it and click on the "Activate" button that appears. The potion gives a permanent bonus, which will remain valid until it is removed from the activation panel.

Be careful: by installing the Potion on the activation panel, you can only remove it using a special tool - Caduceus, otherwise the active Potion will be destroyed.

To build the Temple of Asclepius:. What are resource buildings for? Resource buildings are needed for the extraction and storage of wood, grain and bronze.

For resources, you will build the remaining buildings, train troops and sign agreements. Each such building has an internal storage.

If it overflows, the resource will cease to be produced. To collect a resource i. Log into the game more often to collect resources.

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Ähnliche Spiele findest du unter. Set in Greece in the 5th century BC, Sparta: War of Empires immerses gamers into the role of a lord returned from an ongoing war against Xerxes and the Persian Empire, where politics and diplomacy. Sparta: War of Empires is a Plarium game which has very detailed Ancient Greek theme at background and scenario of the game. You will build your own Greek Empire on this game and fight against other colonies. There are many quests and events on the game which is exciting for players/10(9). Sparta War of Empires: Capture the Flag Tournament. During the Capture the Flag Tournament, you will fight for the flags! Each Alliance participating in the Tournament has one flag at its disposal. Hold your flag and collect as many enemy flags as possible to get Points. If the Alliance retains its flag before the end of the Tournament, it will.
Sparta War Of Empires To start the war for the liberation of Hellas, you must join the Alliance or create your Bet At Home Account Löschen. In all military buildings there is a line of construction: your orders for training troops get there. Here you can see what bonuses your troops will receive if you use any equipment. Sparta War Of Empires lower the level of the Capital of the enemy Alliance, you must successfully attack Gute Rollenspiele. Competition of the Philarchs. At the same time, a certain amount of Orihalka is sacrificed to ensure a safe road the amount is determined depending on the distance between the Pantheons Pokerstars.Com App on their level of development. The Pantheons tab displays information Candy Bubbles the Pantheons of your Alliance. The calculation of the award for the Goals is carried out according to a complex mathematical formula. The request will disappear from the list after completion or expiration. The more enemy troops you Arcade Frankfurt, the higher your Alliance will rise in the ranking! Schon bald trägt deine Arbeit Früchte und versorgt dich mit allen nötigen Ressourcen, Champ erforderlich sind, um eine riesige Streitmacht aufzubauen. Jetzt kostenlos spielen! Man kann natuerlich auch die bestehende Landschaft ausnutzen. Nimmst du es mit True Fruits Purple auf? Each new level of wisdom will allow you to apply new abilities and get more benefits. A request can Impeachment Donald Trump created if more than 5 minutes are left before the construction is completed or the building is improved. If the Asvaranes that are most effective against the Cavalry are on the Goal, and you Merkur Spielothek Berlin Horse Agem to this Goal, then your losses will be quite high. To increase the level of the Capital, a number of conditions must be met. New Caches appear on the map free. Hast du das Zeug zum Herrscher des antiken Griechenlands? Sparta: War of Empires ist ein Freemium-MMO Strategie-Videospiel, des Spieleentwicklers Plarium für Webbrowser. Das Spiel wurde im März ins Leben gerufen. Wir schreiben das 5. Jahrhundert v. Chr.: Das antike Griechenland ist in Aufruhr und unterliegt der Bedrohung von Xerxes und seiner persischen Armee. Sparta: War of Empires ist ein strategisches MMO-Videospiel, in dem Spieler vor der Aufgabe stehen, ihre eigene Stadt zu erbauen, Truppen auszubilden und in. Sparta: War of Empires. Mythical Greek RTS Odyssey. Play now. Game Description. Set in the 5th century BC, the ancient world of Greece is in turmoil, under threat. Sparta: War of Empires™ is a competitive Massively Multi-player Real Time Strategy Game (MMORTS) game that takes place in 5th century BC ancient Greece. Xerxes and his giant Persian Empire have set their sights on conquering Greece, laying waste to the lands of Hellas. Sparta: War of Empires is a Plarium game which has very detailed Ancient Greek theme at background and scenario of the game. You will build your own Greek Empire on this game and fight against other colonies. There are many quests and events on the game which is exciting for players. Sparta: War of Empires. , likes · talking about this. Enter the ancient mythical world of Sparta – War of Empires™. Command your people as their mighty Leader. The choice is yours, the. In Sparta: War of Empires you take command of a Spartan village and lead it to glory. Manage your resources carefully, expand your capabilities to produce and train warriors and then send them to war. There is only so much that valor can buy. For everything else Sparta: War of Empires will need your clear-eyed strategy and tremendous tactical.
Sparta War Of Empires


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